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If you have lower back or neck pain, stiff joints, headaches, arthritis, sporting injuries, work related injuries, digestive problems, fatigue or even period pain an osteopath can help. Osteopathy is a holistic discipline that uses gentle stretching, massage and mobilising joints to ease symptoms to improve your overall health.


A Psychologist is a professional who is concerned with helping you achieve optimal mental health and personal development. They can help with depression and anxiety, marriage counselling, relationship issues, anger management, stress management, grief and loss, workplace issues, understanding behaviour, personal development and so on.


Natural health for holistic living. Your diet, lifestyle, and whole health are important to our Naturopath, who can give you health advice using iridology, vitamin and mineral supplements, herbal medicines, relaxation techniques, nutrition suggestions and exercises. Achieve better health naturally.

Buteyko Therapy

The Buteyko Breathing Method is an effective drug free therapy for the treatment of a range of respiratory and related health conditions. These include Asthma, COPD, Emhysema, Snoring, Sleep apnoea, breathlessness, hay fever and other allergies, fatigue, blocked nose, anxiety and panic attacks.


Accredited practising dietitians (APD) are trained to deliver medical nutrition therapy (dietary advice) on a range of health conditions, including; type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, heart diseases including high cholesterol and blood management, gastrointestinal disorders and weight management, including weight loss or weight gain). They can help you choose healthy food options and create meal plans to suit your personal needs.

Social Work

An accredited Social Worker is trained to help you resolve issues that impact your overall wellbeing and quality of life. They can help you for example to set and attain goals, maintain positive relationships, reduce stress and anger, and minimise the impacts of depression and anxiety. A Social Worker can support you to work through any number of problems and issues that may prevent you from reaching your potential both personally and relationally.


Physiotherapy provides effective treatment to a wide range of sporting injuries, neck and low back pain, arthritis, headaches, work related injuries and postsurgical rehabilitation. Specialty services include tailored exercise programs, manual therapy, hydrotherapy and a full synthetic and traditional casting service. Irrespective of your age or activity levels physiotherapy can help optimize performance, improve function and meet your rehabilitative potential. 

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